Intera Group LLP offers clients and partners professional audio and lighting equipment from well known European manufacturers. The selection includes the full range of equipment required for lighting and sound solutions both indoors and out. The equipment is used for alarm systems, background music, concert venues, conference halls, estate lands, park zones, boulevards, etc. The wide range of solutions we offer make it possible to provide light and sound for practically any size of space from coffeeshops to stadiums. 

Simultaneous interpretation equipment is used when conducting international business events in order to provide the technical capacity for simultaneous interpreting. The simultaneous interpretation system consists of several components: interpreter control panels, earphones and microphones for the interpreters, signal antennas, personal receivers, individual earphones for listeners and interpreter booths.

We offer rentals of simultaneous interpretation equipment manufactured in Germany to international standards. The receivers can work for more than 24 hours on one charge, and the earphones adjust to fit any ear. The crisp, clear sound comes from the high quality microphones used by the interpreters.

You can find out more about our entire selection of equipment by viewing our price lists.