Intera Group offers a range of printing services with high quality, unique designs, and unbeatable terms.

  • Wide-format printing
  • Exterior advertising manufacturing
  • Design and corporate branding development
  • Mobile stand manufacturing (Roll Up, X – Stand, Pop Up, Promo Flag)
  • Metal structure rental 

For dressing buildings, forums, conferences, exhibitions, grandstands and mass events. We are ready to provide you with a large assortment of typed banners that will help you successfully achieve all variety of marketing and advertising goals.Our company pays close attention to each client, always taking every wish into account.

Intera Group LLP provides furniture (including VIP class) and auxiliary equipment rentals for exhibitions, conferences, presentations and other events. We have a large collect of new and used furniture available for rent in Astana, and we regularly update and supplement our base, following the latest market trends.

Moreover, we design and manufacture exclusive exhibition furniture using whichever materials and parameters requested.