INTERA GROUP specializes in providing professional document translation services. Our goal is to ensure high-quality translations of any text. 

The main principles behind our work are professionalism, competency, fast-turnover and an individual approach to every order.

We are prepared to translate not only small texts under urgent timeframes, but also complex technical documentation. To complete complex projects quickly and at a high level of quality, we create project groups run by an individual manager.

Over 10 years of successful work, INTERA GROUP has accumulated translation experience on all topics and in all fields:

  • Translations of official and business documentation
  • Translations of literary works
  • Translations of scientific texts
  • Translations of standard and legal documentation
  • Translations of technical texts (blueprints, schematics, specifications, instructions and operating manuals)
  • Translations of advertising and marketing materials (articles, catalogues and booklets)
  • Translations of project and tender documentation

Document notarization.

In addition, INTERA GROUP provides simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services:

  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Business meetings
  • Support for overseas travel for foreign delegations
  • Training seminars
  • Telephone call and teleconference interpreting
  • Contracts, documentation and court papers

INTERA GROUP has built a reputation as an expert provider of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Our specialists will help not only to select a professional interpreter for your event, but will all provide the full gamut of services that will completely cover completely any language support tasks for your project.

INTERA GROUP translates over 77 world languages.