With us you can order a car for a one-time trip in the city, rent by the hour, drive to other cities in Kazakhstan, or enjoy our Airport-Astana-Airport transfer service. Depending on the number of passengers, the distance of the trip and the level of comfort you require, we will choose the best vehicle to suit your needs. Our team of drivers are professional with many years of accident-free work and expert knowledge of the city.

Rental conditions:

  1. The volume of transport services is based on the astronomical hour (60 minutes). The minimum duration per ride is 2 hours.
  2. When renting a bus, one hour is added for delivery.
  3. The cost includes all fuel, maintenance and cleaning costs.
  4. The fee covers the whole time the car is at the disposal of the customer regardless of whether it is being used or idle, whether the customer dismisses releases it or sends it on errands.
  5. When ordering a vehicle for use outside of Astana, the price is determined based on kilometers driven.
  6. The transfer (meeting) cost includes: awaiting the customer with a sign at the airport and travel to the first destination in Astana.
  7. Vehicles should be reserved in advance.
  8. The minimum order for an interpreter-guide is 3 hours.